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Dynamic Duo Rust - US | Solo Only, Monthly, No BP Wipes Server Image
Dynamic Duo - US | Solo/Duo Vanilla | No BP Wipes Procedural Map
150 players max Connect VIP

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Enter this command into your Rust console:
client.connect vanilla.dynamicrust.com:28061

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Do you love Dynamic Duo Rust? Want to win a free skin of your choice? Show your support and reap the benefits with a Dynamic Duo VIP subscription! Perks include:
  • Free Skin Giveaway every month exclusively for VIP members
  • Advertising/self-promotion privileges
  • Queue Skips
  • See the next month's map ahead of time
  • Gold Colored Usernames (Rust and Discord)
  • Access to the VIP lounge in Discord
  • In-Game Chat to/from Discord: Send messages and view the in-game global chat in a convenient Discord channel only for VIPs
  • Vote on which events we should run each month
  • Our eternal gratitude! This is our only source of income for the server and your support helps us to pay the bills.
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Not a fan of subscriptions? We also offer a one-time payment supporter package that includes:
  • A permanent, green colored username in Discord forever
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Rules, Guidelines, and Policies

  • Please ONLY use F7 and/or a support message in our Discord to report players who are cheating/teaming/breaking rules.
  • DO NOT CALL OUT RULEBREAKERS IN GLOBAL CHAT! Players who call out teaming/cheating are helping those players avoid detection.
    • Teamers will disperse and cheaters will simply toggle off their cheats.
    • This creates greater complexity for the staff team and only serves to help the players being called out.

No cheating, VAC, or game bans on your account (prior or current, even if it's for a different game). We check all player ids against a database of known cheaters and you will be automatically banned if you have been blacklisted. This applies to your alt accounts, if any, as well as main accounts.

No racism, hate speech (towards a person or said person's country), abusive language, or personal threats towards other players or their families. This applies to in game text or voice chat, discord, as well as signs on your base. If in doubt, just don't be an asshole and treat everyone with respect.

Advertisements for products/services outside of Rust (i.e. your website, trades for steam cards, etc.) are prohibited.

This is a solo, duo server only. Groups, teams, pvp alliances, etc with greater than 2 players are not allowed. Finally, you cannot ask other teams to raid someone for you in exchange for anything. This is an indirect form of adding extra people to your team and is also not allowed.

For example, if you're raiding someone, do not despawn all of their loot.

As long as you're not breaking the rules above, play as you'd like. We don't enforce "kill on sight" rules anywhere on the map. Any kind of trades are allowed. This is a game, have fun.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We care about our players. We have active admins who routinely help new players with base designs, in-game tips, and we try hard to be the friendliest possible people in the game. While we do have rules, we try to make them as unobtrusive as possible and allow our players to play the game in peace.

We wipe maps on the first Thursday of every month at 2 PM ET. Blueprints are never wiped unless Facepunch forces us to do so.

  • Vanilla - Solo/Duo only, monthly, no BP wipes.

You can reach us on Discord in #support. Click the Discord link at the top of the page to connect.

Dynamic Duo Rust - US is located in Dallas, Texas.

We may open servers with different wipe schedules or mods eventually. Please give us your suggestions!